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How to take time off social… while still showing up

October 4, 2021

We all need to get away sometimes, but how to leave our social media accounts for more than a few days?

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We all need to get away sometimes, but it’s difficult to leave our social media accounts for more than a few days. We all know we have to be present on social. The answer? Check out the post for what you need to do to take a break… and keep your social channels active. NB. No magic involved! 

Fact: I’m not writing and posting this content today.  

What is this magic??! 

Well, it’s not magic, it’s all thanks to a little forward planning. Read on to find out how…. 

1. Content Strategy 

I will be near impossible to take time away without having a strategy. A plan with direction will give you results and grow your business. So, ask yourself, What makes you a profit? What do you want to sell more of? What’s your target for this quarter? Get an idea of what you want to do in the next three months (good amount of time… not overwhelming, but give you perspective). Write down your goals and any steps you need to take to achieve them. 

2. Plan 

Once you’ve a strategy, you can easily develop a plan of posts.  

Grab a calendar, write in any key dates (deadlines, events, public holidays etc) and then… 

3. Content Writing 

Write out your text. Whether it’s with a pen and paper, via your notes app or on the back of a napkin. Just get writing! 

4. Graphic Batching 

Sit down at your laptop and get the graphics or video ready. It may take a day or two, but once you are in the zone, the content will keep flowing! 

5. Schedule 

Now you can schedule your content. Whether that’s by using Facebook Creator Studio or another app/software. Canva has now added that function to the pro accounts

6. Take a break! 

Now you can put your feet up. Go on holiday. Go to work. Whatever you choose, but you can kick back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got a social media presence and your business is still working for you.

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