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WTH is a CTA?

September 27, 2021

If you’re on social media to market your business, you’re probably looking to get more than just likes, right?

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If you’re on social media to market your business, you’re probably looking to get more than just likes, right? You probably want to drive traffic to your website, build your email list, or sell products or services. 

Calls to Action are there to encourage your audience to take action: sign up, register, call now… CTAs give your audience a sign post for what to do next. 

CTAs tell your audience what you want them to do AFTER they read your post. Do you want them to check out your latest blog post? Download a freebie? Buy from your shop? Whatever it is that you want your audience to do, include a CTA to make it crystal clear 

Here’s some example CTA’s for you to use. Remember to keep it varied! 

  • Goal – Attract and grow 

Share this post with a friend 

Share this post on your story 

Follow me for more content 

Comment “Yes” if you agree 

Tag a friend that needs to see this. 

  • Goal – Nurture and build connections 

Save this post for later! 

Tag someone who would benefit from this 

Tell me about your wins in the comments 

Let me know in the comments if you can relate 

Reply if you’ve got a question about ____. 

  • Goal – Convert and increase leads/make sales 

Comment “yes” and I’ll send you more details 

Visit to download 

Drop an emoji and I’ll DM you the link to sign up 

Click the link in bio to sign up! 

Try to make it a rule to include a CTA of some sort in all of your posts, blogs and emails and see your sales increase.  

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