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How To Use Facebook Effectively

October 18, 2021

Facebook is a great tool for your business – read our tips on how to get the most benefit from Facebook.

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Firstly, to get the most out of Facebook, it’s good to understand what Facebook wants from you! 

Facebook wants you to:  

  1. Use (and stay on) the platform and use their Business Assets (Facebook Pages & Groups) 
  1. Daily, Consistent Posting 
  1. Be an active user (Commenting, Liking, Sharing, Watching) 

If you did these things every day for 12months, I guarantee you’d dramatically increase your sales. Facebook values consistence and activity, and will reward you for it. 

If you aren’t already doing the above, start today. 

Secondly, STOP focusing on selling and START focusing on building a COMMUNITY. 

There is a HUGE difference between a business that is constantly posting sales & offers, and a business building a community of people interested in their products. 

We all know someone who started a Facebook page, invited you to it, then started spamming it with offers. It’s not fun and it’s not going to increase their sales… more likely you’ll unfollow or just skip past their posts and never buy from them. 

Instead, if  they were community centred and started a Facebook page AND group you would more likely to read their posts. 

For Example: 

If you are a garden centre: 

  • Start posting gardening tips 
  • Share gardening humour/memes 
  • Show how your products solve a gardeners problem. 
  • Share shed organising tips. 

THIS builds a community of people that are attracted to your products. 

THEN, when you post an offer your audience, who you’ve already qualified as a targeted audience, is far more likely to purchase from you. 

The Facebook Formula can be summed up like this: 

Post Value + Build Community + Make Offers = Consistent Sales 

Take some time this week to review your Facebook strategy and see where you can improve on your consistency, activity, & community building. 

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